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Legit Painting, Inc.

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Legit Painting Inc., is a family owned and operated painting contractor covering all of Los Angeles County, as well as areas of Ventura, Orange, Riverside and Bakersfield counties. Established in 1999, we’ve been specializing in both interior and exterior painting, to include both residential and commercial clients.

We have built our reputation based on our outcomes, happy clients! Legit offers high quality, prompt, reliable and reasonably priced solutions for your painting needs.

We have developed long standing relationships with our material suppliers, which enables us to offer high quality, reasonably priced products with top of the line techniques and exceptional results.

Referral business keeps us busy, however we are always looking to create new and long-standing relationships with property owners, property managers, HOA’s and more.

Call or email us to schedule an estimate. What comes next will set the example of how we do business: Exceptional Customer Service, Great Communication to include in person, by phone, email and overall follow-up. Professional proposals giving a full overview of your project, the steps required to get it done and the cost to achieve the results you are looking for. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Phone: 661.450.6000  |  Email:  legitpaintinginc@gmail.com

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Co-Owners and Brothers

Remy Mejia, Co-Owner

Remy was born and raised in El Salvador. He too made his way to Southern California and based on the need for work, he too started as a painter’s helper with the same company as his brother. Remy took an interest in painting and saw the opportunity to learn, grow and develop his skills. He remained open and willing to learn and hone his craft. When his brother decided to start a business, the decision was made to wait until there was enough work for Remy to venture out. It didn’t take long until Remy joined Rudy and Legit Painting Inc was established. The partnership was formed based on the vision of growth, one step at a time.

Remy now oversees a crew of 18 to 22 workers daily. In most cases, there are anywhere from 3 to 5 different jobsites running at any given time. He checks in with owners and managers on a regular basis offering updates, answering questions and developing the relationships with our clients.

Rudy Mejia, Founder and Co-Owner

Rudy was born and raised in El Salvador. After making his way to Southern California, he found work as a painter’s helper and then moved up the ranks to painter. The tips, tricks and expertise required to get a job done, regardless of how small or large became his craft. Rudy took an interest in business and made the decision to learn all he could and then venture out. In 1997 Rudy established his own company to continue his craft. In 1999 Rudy and his brother Remy, decided to create a business partnership and Legit Painting Inc was established. Twenty years later Legit Painting Inc. is a reputable and respected painting company.

Rudy now manages all the estimates, initial meetings and client interactions. He answers questions and discusses the project, budget, timelines and overall expectations.

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